Our Vision

  • Space in Design strives to be recognized as the “Red Adair” of S-P-A-C-E.
  • In the1960’s and 1970’s, Red Adair used his unique and extensive knowledge to be the only man in the world capable of successfully extinguishing fires on oil wells using tried and tested methods of his own design.
  • Red Adair made his name with tending to and successfully dealing with seemingly impossible oil fires for the petrochemical Industry … the man became a legend – we are doing just that with S-P-A-C-E.

Our Mission

  • We at ‘Space in Design’ are managed by a team of highly successful consultants in a very specialized category that encompasses the optimum utilization of space.
  • We are innovative, inspiring and proactive service providers, who turn our clients’ visions into extra ordinary results.