10 tips to organise your office

Whether you’re working in an external office or from home you need to know where you find what’s on shelves, on your desk, on chairs, on the floor and on and on the list goes…..  🙂

How you structure your office depends entirely on your personality.

However these ten tips will help you to organize and navigate through your office:
1) Start by planning the end result. Create a mental image of how you want the S-P-A-C-E to look. Being organized isn’t about being neat – you need to be able to find things once you’re done.
2) Don’t change what is working. What works for you might not work for someone else, but why change a good thing?
3) Avoid procrastination. Many of us have a tendency to push papers around our desk.
Using the acronym FAT (file – action – toss), handle each piece of paper once only and decide immediately if it needs to be filed, whether you need to do something with it (pay or action) or whether it can be thrown away.
Papers that haven’t been tossed can go into a holding system: either in/out trays or a drawer sorting system that sits on your desk marked “filing” and “action”.
4) Sort through everything before deciding how you need to store it. We often rush off to buy new files and folders as soon as we decide that we want to get organized. Sort first, buy later.
5) Start with what you can see. Work your way from shelf to shelf in a room, before going from drawer to drawer.
Remember to take “baby steps”. If you manage only to do one shelf today, that’s fine. You are one step closer to the end goal.
6) Set a timer at 15 to 30 minute intervals (use your cell phone if you need a handy timer). Working “to the clock” will help you reach your goal more quickly.
7) Have a friend or organizer help you with your task. If it feels over whelming, that person can encourage you to keep going.
The organizer will devise a personalized plan for you, based on your personality, so that you can easily maintain the systems that have been implemented.
8) Decide on a delicious reward to enjoy when you’ve completed your organising project, or each section of the project.
9) Tell someone what you want to achiever. Ask that person, to check up on you at pre-determined periods. When we are accountable to others, we often perform more energetically.
10) Sit back and admire your work. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

You will have freed some time by implementing a streamlined office system, so relax and indulge in a stress-free afternoon.
Credit goes to www.getorganised.co.za