ONE difference between South Africa and Germany

There are many differences between South Africa & Germany – THANKS the Lord, most of them are positive for SA!
As far as the correlation between population and land mass is concerned the difference is enormous! About 82 million people are living on 357 000 square km in Germany
whereas “only” 51million South Africans occupy nearly 4 times the size of Germany — we – YES in my heart I’m a South African! – live on 1.2 million square km.

That’s the reason why Germany is forced to use and utilize vertical S-P-A-C-E in the most efficient ways.

One positive aspect of the economic downturn is that South African business owners are becoming more and more aware of the costs per square meter in their offices, manufacturing plants, production areas and so forth.
With every horizontal square metre comes the same amount of vertical space – which is for free! Far too often this space is under utilized. Just imagine the S-P-A-C-E between your worktop and the ceiling…………….

Please be patient and bear with me with my “Germ-isch”! 10 years ago I hardly spoke English. THANKS