Indibano comprises of various catering businesses:

One industrial kitchen, producing food for catering purposes
Managing staff canteens for Allan Gray and KPMG
Running 3 shops at Old Mutual head office

Project Requirements:


  • General design and layout for the new kitchen at Allan Gray
  • Establishing equipment required
  • Menu design
  • Staff job descriptions
  • Compiling of incentive programs, based on job descriptions
  • Defining Store Manager’s job descriptions in correlation with Operational Audit of the store
  • Advise on staff training and time management


Main Task:

Space Design got involved in conceptualizing the kitchen at Allan Gray.


In “dissecting: the proposed menu, we established the necessary equipment.




  • Reducing the originally planned floor space from 122sqm to 68 sqm
  • Avoiding overspending on unnecessary equipment

Can you imagine the money saved in an area like the Waterfront?!