Goldies Kosher Deli was established in 1992 by Goldie Wener from the kitchen in her home. Over the years the business expanded tremendously.


In August 2004 Goldies Deli moved into the current premises in Main Road Sea Point and introduced a Kosher Diner for snacks and sit down meals. Goldies Deli now caters to the general public, National and International Airlines, Hotels and Hospitals throughout Cape Town and extending to parts of the Cape Peninsula.


In 2013 the owners, Carol & Michael Wener, decided to give the Deli a facelift and – at the same time – to increase the seating area.


Space In Design was given the following task:
To create a new concept to
1. Add 30 – 35 seats to the shop
2. Maximise existing space in the retail area
3. Increase efficiencies and turnover


The objectives were as follows:
1. Correct handling of kosher food as a first priority
2. Streamlined workflow in every area
3. Taking into consideration the very different demands of different workdays
4. A self-contained kitchen in the retail area of about 10sqm
5. A seating area for 30 – 35 customers (currently 15 seats)
6. Small hand wash basin accessible for customers
7. Shelf space shall double as display as well as storage
8. Modernizing of office space


The benefits:
1. Additional seats will greatly increase the turnover
2. Properly utilized space increases workflow
3. Better workflow enhances time management and staff satisfaction
4. Better utilised retail space enhances turnover
5. Flexible solutions provide workspace when necessary


The main aim as far as the building project was concerned was, to close the shop for revamp for a maximum of two weeks in order not to lose too much business.


The project was planned very meticulously over a period of 6 month and divided into three sections:


Space In Design:
1. Drawing of the initial shop plan
2. Liaising with Vulcan Catering Equipment who did the final drawings
3. Rendering a 3-D walk-through drawing of the entire shop
4. Sourcing of solutions specific to client’s needs
5. Liaising with Pro Line Kitchens, who designed counters, shelves and benches
6. Documenting all procedures and solutions


Carol Wener
1. She herself sourced all the material – from tiles to lighting and chairs and the small things in between.


Michael Wener:
1. Project management of the building process and he and the various teams finished in an unbelievable short time of 10 days! Well done!


Today the Deli is thriving and many more customers appreciate the new look – besides the always delicious food!


Lisa Balz
Space In Design
March 2014