Case study in a food-producing company

This project is still in the negotiating phase. For that reason the company’s name and finer details are not revealed.


There are three main areas of concern in the sugar storage/handling area:

Inefficiently utilized space:
  • The floor space is cramped but the height is not utilized
Safety issues:
  • 3 rows of palettes are stored on top of each other. Each palette consists of 20 bags of 50kg
  • Sometimes the top one topples which causes high safety risks
Health issues:
  • Each bag need to be lifted manually to the height of the sugar sieve 1.30m
  • This causes massive strain to the employees backs



  • Implementation of a modular racking system
  • Combined with a mobile scaffolding which is the secret ingredient



  • Reduced handling of stock
  • Improved storage
  • Reduced risk for penalties
    (The fine for the first offence issued by the Health Department is R500 000)
  • Increased profit per square metre