The only space available to create a kitchen for a 40-seater Coffee Shop was 26sqm.

Workspaces to be installed:

Washing-up area
Coffee/beverage section

In such small spaces it is highly important to spend attention to details but to name a few:

  • The right workflow
  • To open doors to the right side.
  • Fridges with glass doors to get an immediate overview of the content.
  • To find sufficient space to dump dirty dishes in the washing-up area when the restaurant is busy.
  • A double tier shelving right around the kitchen for sufficient storage.


A kitchen-equipment company was also asked for a quotation. They did not provide space for beverage fridge, coffee machine and coffee grinder in the confines of the 26 sqm available. According to their drawing the bar had to be put into the guest area.


With such an arrangement the owner would have lost a minimum of 2 tables = 8 chairs.

Value of two tables with 8 chairs:

  • Average turnover per seat = R20
  • Opening days per year = 350
  • 8xR20x350=
  • R 56.000 — conservatively calculated if the seats were turned around only ONCE a day.


Can you imagine the loss especially in summertime when a chair is turned around up to 8 times a day?


Testimonial for Barista Blue

From:Barista Blu Table View
To:Lisa Balz

Dear Lisa,

Just a note to thank you so much for being able to assist us in the planning of our small (very small) kitchen and optimizing the space professionally. You have worked on every inch and saved us a lot of money in the long run.


I cannot tell you how great it is to have worked with you on this project. You know your work and are very professional.

Kind regards
Anita Stephens