Project Requirements

Jack-up Barge to be dismantled and packed for transportation.


Space Design was tasked to create a system to disassemble the barge in such a way that all components could be packed into as few containers as possible. With an innovative design and packing plan, Space Designwas able to pack the components into 4 containers!


The barge was designed and manufactured in Cape Town and transported by a number
of trucks to Walvis Bay, Namibia


System Requirements

The packing system was to be designed in a simplistic way which would enable
instructions to be understood:


  • By every person around the world
  • Regardless of knowledge
  • Skills
  • Language


The benefits were two-fold:


  • Reducing assembling time
  • Reduced idle time by ONE week = R100 000
  • ONE container less to transport – saving approximately R10 000
    (From Cape Town to Maputo in Mocambique)
  • By packing the barge into 4 containers instead of 5, 7sea was eligible to tender
    and potentially win their next project.



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