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Architecture is not just about buildings …it’s about people and how they access each other, as well as the buildings and public space around them.


Jakupa Architects got awarded the project No 4 Dorp Street, which encompasses the four interlinked Provincial Government buildings in the central Cape Town CBD.


Wind lobbies at either end of the new concourse and a glazed atrium housing the canteen which is open to the public and double up for special functions that can spill into the new concourse.


All decisions in the design approach are guided by sustainability principles, that promote durability, suitability for the purpose and appropriateness in terms of product selection sourcing, social impact, and reduction on maintenance and operation costs.


Space In Design had been introduced to Jakupa Architects when the first draft of the Ground Floor canteen/restaurant had already been drawn by an industrial kitchen equipment company.


There were three major points to consider:
1. Half of the designated floor space was 30cm lower than the other part
2. Very confined space to set up a fully-fledged kitchen to cater for 400 diners per day plus accommodating functions after hours
3. Accommodating Halal diners


Remarks to
1. Different levels in production areas are causing safety hazards and hampering efficient workflows.
2. It is imperial to divide the operations side from a fully functional front-of-house and service area to accommodate after-hour functions.
3. The small designated floor space did not allow to set-up an independent Halal kitchen


Space In Design mastered those tasks with bravado!


We scrutinized the first drawing and swapped the cold section with the hot section. That made it possible to level the two parts — no more stairs! – reduced health & safety risks and created a perfect workflow.


To the BIG challenge of Halal we came up with a SIMPLE solution:


Our suggestion was create one enclosed, designated Halal service area in the front-of-house section. The Provincial Government building is situated right at the doorstep of the Cape Malay Quarter where Halal is at home. Contracts could be signed with various Halal-Caterers to deliver every day freshly produced food, including serving spoons and retrieve their equipment after lunch. Business cards and/or pamphlets of the caterers would add authenticity and credibility to the delivery.


Space In Design provided further services as
– Design development
– Review of equipment and installation
– Technical development
– Participating in the appointment of the kitchen tender


No 4 Dorp Street is a master piece of team work, collaboration and co-operation


Lisa Balz
Space In Design
March 2014