optimisation with Lisa Balz

This is Lisa’s incredible story so far ….



10 years ago Lisa immigrated from Munich. Before taking up her position as an “Ergonomist” in South Africa, she held key positions within the hospitality industry in both Germany and South Africa for 30 years.


She knows the industry as a practitioner.


She applies effective space management techniques tailored to her clients’ specific needs and requirements.


Lisa’s distinctive personality enhances a deep and clear understanding of the interactions of humans and their needs and wants.


From her first meeting with a client, whether it be the head of a Medical Institution or the owner of a manufacturing business, Lisa’s ability to communicate and conceptualize, immediately puts people at ease which further contributes to her unique abilities in the design and evaluation of tasks, projects, products, environments and systems.


Lisa’s gift and experience is in the development and design of ergonomic layouts for modern, cost effective working environments and making them compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of people in many different industries.


This has earned Lisa the right to be called a Practitioner.


Her experience includes:

  • Developing very unique space-saving units to enhance productivity
  • Assessing Food Factories in efficiency, quality control and hygiene
  • Developing futuristic, unique concepts for a coffee shop & take away
  • Running a day-care kitchen
  • Training students and staff for housekeeping and hospitality positions
  • Managing the hospitality department at a hotel and conference centre
  • Running an in-house restaurant in Munich, catering for over 1,000 diners on a daily basis
  • Establishing a restaurant on Blaauwklippen, a wine estate near Cape Town. This included renovating and advising about the restoring of an old building and successfully running the new restaurant

Her primary focus is on inspiring efficiency and providing solutions. It’s all about savvy space optimization and use.

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