“I am a German Lady and 10 years ago I hardly spoke English. Kindly bear with my “Germish”! Thank you.”

Space at arm lenght – literally!

My today’s token on S-P-A-C-E is very personal.

There are three highlight when I do house & dog sitting for friends:
– a hot bath on a cold and stormy Saturday evening (I don’t have a bath tub at home)
– lying in front of a blazing fire after the hot bath, with a good book and a good glass of red wine (don’t own a fire place either) and
– the daily walks with the dogs.

Truly creating my own comfortable S-P-A-C-E in somebody else’ home.

10 days ago everything was organized to enjoy my Saturday evening after I’d walked the dogs.
Suddenly a big cat appeared and changed my plans!

Jack Russell chasing the cat – cat unable to escape twice (fence too narrow & wall too high) – jumping on Jack Russell’s head and fighting for its life!
The cat was as big as the Jack Russell. I feared that the cat would kill the dog — and this was not even my own one!

Without further thoughts I wanted to pull the dog on his harness from underneath the cat.
The distressed cat obviously perceived my arm as another threat, let go of the dog and attacked me, biting viciously deep into my arm. When I lifted my arm, screaming, the cat still hung on it.

There is another wound close to my right knuckle.

A few hours at Vergelegen Medi Clinic, 7 stitches, a “shopping bag” of medication and everything seemed fine.
Gone were the plans for a relaxing evening. Gone with the cat……

It only seemed fine!

On Monday morning my arm looked like this:

Back to Vergelegen, another “add-on” of pills to the “shopping bag”, growing curiosity whether the medication works this time without having to undergo surgery, a good night sleep and the positive results showed the next morning already.

Today I am – nearly! – back in my own comfort space. The wounds have healed quite well. Business carries on.

Boer maak a plan — German’s sometime make their own — and the world goes topsy-turvy! 🙂

Will I walk the dogs again? Of course I will!

THANKS to all my friends who came to my aid — from driving me to the Clinic to feeding me to wiping away my tears. THANKS for being my friends!

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