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Office space incorporated

The worldwide economy challenges have knocked on many of our doors resulting in questioning:
Do I really need this fancy office and related high costs?
Do clients visit my office or do I visit them?
How many of us have relocated our offices into our homes? Are you one of them?
Then there is the next question:
How much of my living area to I give up in order to create office space?
This is a VERY important question because that is where the comfort factor comes in for both your business and your living space!

One can compare it with the business world:
As an example — the smaller the production area (kitchen, storages, scullery and waste area) in a Restaurant, the bigger the seating area for customers to generate income.

The smaller your home office the bigger your comfort in the rest of your house! The more efficient the small office space is utilized the bigger your joy will be to work there!

As an example:
A guest bedroom can double up as an office. The S-P-A-C-E above a bed is always wasted – always!

Two shelves of 1.20m height build the base to set the bed on. A wooden plank has a triple function:
1. It prevents your guests from falling out of bed at night
2. It supports the step ladder
3. It holds the curtain rails

Collapsible and mobile desk units and chairs give you the freedom to work “outside” when necessary and move them back after hours.

When the curtains are drawn nobody can imagine where your home office is when they walk into this magnificently turned around guest room – a great multi-functional space!

Vertica space utilized beautifullyAmple of storage and working space

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